Why Become a Coach?

If you’ve found yourself here you’ve either expressed interest in Coaching or I’ve shared how great I think you’d be at this!

What does it mean to be a Team Beachbody Coach with Fit Flourish Nation?

It means earning income while you help yourself and others live healthier, more fulfilling lives. It’s being passionate about helping to end the trend of obesity. All by doing what you love – staying fit and healthy, while inspiring others to do the same.

Whether you’re already a “product of the product” – someone who’s found success through one of Beachbody’s world-class fitness solutions or products or whether you were inspired by watching a friend or family member transform their lives the same way, becoming a Coach will reward you in ways you never thought possible—physically, personally, and financially.

Our team is one of incredible heart, generosity, caring, and support. I’m blessed every day by being part of it. So much so that I can’t keep it to myself, I’m compelled to share it with YOU!

Check out the video below:

Now let me share with you a few of the BEST things about coaching, directly from my own experience:

More Fitness Success Personally

Outside of it being a business it also gives those who share their journey with their social network a much higher level of accountability with their OWN fitness and nutrition (this does NOT mean being perfect by any stretch, no one is and our weaknesses when shared bring people closer to us…). Knowing others are watching you and even being motivated by your actions often breeds a higher level of commitment and consistency!

Studies have also shown that those who join a community, interact, and receive daily support are 80% more likely to be successful on their journey.

Helping Others More Effectively

If you start your Beachbody journey as a coach you have the ability to help people who come to you for advice (and they WILL) or who are asking what you’re doing (and they WILL) get started with it themselves and you get to welcome them into YOUR family of supporters, encouragers, and all the wealth of knowledge that a team collects and can share collectively ?? If you simply point them to the generic Beachbody website for their needs they may or may not be assigned a coach who they jive with. They’re more likely to be successful if they link up with someone they already know, like, and trust! ? Helping as many people improve their lives as we can is the goal, and you can play a bigger role in that! It feels good!

Smarter Choice Financially

You save money! Being a coach makes your own road to health and fitness a little less costly! #winning ?Not only do you receive a 25% discount on products (like Shakeology and the Performance Line), but you can even earn these things for free just by helping others reach toward their own health goals.

You can turn all this positive, feel-good stuff into a business of helping people. From gas money to a full-time income and beyond, you can take this as far as you want to. There’s no cap on your potential besides the one in your mind ?? and to combat that, you get to be part of some incredible trainings to equip you in every way you need to succeed in reaching that potential and beyond. A job that feels good, helps you get into the best health and best shape of your life, AND grows your mindset while surrounding you with other positive, forward-thinking, encouraging people who are working toward the common good and their own goals simultaneously? WHERE is the dotted line??! Have you ever HEARD of such an opportunity?? ?

Oh hold on though. You’re scared of commitment?

Q: What if I hate Shakeology?

A: Unlikely. There are a million and one ways to make it to suit your tastebuds ?? Not to mention a huge variety of flavors to start with!

Q: What if I can’t afford to open a business, doesn’t that cost a ton of money??

A: Friend, you’re in luck! Not only do we not stock products or deal with orders/shipping ourselves, the start up cost is simply the cost of your own transformation kit called a Challenge Pack. You pay the same as any customer getting started would, the ordering/signup process is just a little different.

Q: What if I’m already a customer and have previously purchased a challenge pack? How much will it cost me to become a coach?

A: Nada. You’ll pay the $40 coach signup fee and be reimbursed within 2 business days.

Q: What about sales quotas and any recurring fees? I don’t like pressure! ?

A: No mandatory sales quotas to meet ?? And because we don’t have to hold inventory, deal with order fulfillment or shipping of products, or provide the customer support for orders or technical support that comes with a large collection of products like Beachbody offers, we pay a monthly business services fee and Beachbody takes care of all of that for us ?? The fee is $15.95 (waived for military) and covers your own personalized sales website as well as everything mentioned above! This website is your ticket to helping others get started on their own path to health and wellness. And even with the business fee, if all you were doing each month was having your daily dose of dense nutrition, Shakeology, to help with your appetite, cravings, and support your immune system and gut health, you’d still be saving money every month through the coach discount.

Q: What if I can’t stomach the thought of a contract or cancellation fees?

A: You’re covered. You’re free to quit anytime, no penalties or hassle. Just submit your request online.

Q: What if, even though my Challenge Pack/coach startup kit is an insane deal, I decide before the first month is even done that this whole thing just isn’t for me? Am I out that money?

A: This super rarely happens. If you’re committed enough to press submit on your new start, you have what it takes to follow a simple plan for at least 3 weeks (with guidance and support from our team, especially!). You’ll be seeing and feeling noticeable differences in that time, and you’ll want to KEEP GOING! ??? However, should you decide it’s just not for you, Beachbody will actually give you a full refund within 30 days. Even if you’ve used up all your Shakeology or Performance Line products in that time. What gym can you go to that will refund you the start up cost after a month of use AND a superfood smoothie every day?! None!

Did you know that coaches earn free swag, national recognition, and trips just through helping people too? ? That’s another discussion for another day, but suffice it say, Team Beachbody is an INCREDIBLE company to associate with and be part of. Our smaller team (really, family) within the company at large is consistently recognized for its achievements in helping others become happier and healthier. It’s my privilege to be part of it and I feel so so blessed to be able to offer this experience to others.

The bottom line is, YOU have incredible potential to grow and enhance every aspect of your life, starting from the inside out and with this step right here.

If you’ve read this far, I know you’re ready.

Let’s do this!

Have you already been using Beachbody programs/products, getting results, and are ready to make this official? Click HERE to complete the Fit Flourish Nation Coach Application!

OR are you at the beginning of your fitness journey and want to make some awesome progress, save from the start, and step into this lifestyle full steam ahead? Please click HERE to complete the Challenge Group Application AND ALSO click HERE to complete the Fit Flourish Nation Coach Application!

The coaching opportunity is currently available to those in the United States and Canada, and we’re expanding into the United Kingdom in Autumn 2017!

I’m so excited to hear from you and hope to welcome you into our family!